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(Thank you for the title idea, Dr. Soy Sauce. ;))

Hello, everyone! I realized this morning that I haven't checked back in quite some time, so, in the absence of anything of import to report upon, I thought that I'd just prattle on for a bit. (Besides, I'd say Blackberry managed their bread and honey's worth of free advertising off of the journal skin of my last one, and the journal itself set my page a bit askew with its length... not that I'd necessarily cared in the first place, but even I had to acknowledge that it was odd.)

So, to begin, something red- a small snippet on Valentine's Day! Now, I wouldn't dare go into too much detail, but I can disclose that there were no unexpected murders, impolite knocking on doors and no smashed glass and/or death threats involved in anyone's festivities (as far as I know!) It was- true to the theme- quite lovely, actually, and I believe everyone came out of it both unscathed and content with it. (God knows I won't be the one doing the laundry this week! ^^') And I personally am very much looking forward to a penn'orth to the Kingdom to peruse the local chocolates- they lack the celebration themselves, but no holiday would be complete without having ridiculous amounts of sweet treats stashed around the house. (Don't judge me, chocolate is a wonderful and precious thing, and I will do everything within my power to draw out my ability to acquire it.)

(And a belated happy Valentine's Day to you all, by the way! Any road, I hope you all enjoyed it! :heart:)

To continue, something blue- I seem to have misplaced one of my favourite kingsmen yesterday ("handkerchief," for you normal people, and certainly not to be confused with "kidsmen") and though it's a fair price to pay for dropping my coat quickly (I will forever testify that removing one's clothes quickly is worth almost any price on Valentine's Day) it was still dear to me, and I dread finding it torn up by one of my brother's many pets. I have made a solid effort to search for it, but it seems to have retreated to a corner of my bedroom somewhere. With my memory, however, it's just as likely that I'd found it earlier and re-lost it. So I'll be damned.

But I won't rhubarb about it. I've many more.

(More on this story as it continues.)

Now, something old- Revensai. Bloody ancient man compared to the rest of us, we think. Terrifying, really. Old enough to be my grandfather, I'll bet. And I don't want to bring up age gaps, considering my situation, but when you compare him t- …

You heard nothing. ;)

Something not nearly as old, but ever growing older- my debate with Silversoul, and it hasn't changed in the least! We've been making many appointments recently to speak about our situation, and I must say that he's been anything but compromising (not to publicly pander hatred against him- I'm certain he's a wonderful man to other people!) but, of course, pot to kettle; neither have I! And so we are entirely lacking in a catalyst, although he has the upper hand politically.

(On the other hand, he can't evict me from unclaimed land, and trying would be a hate crime. So even if I can't have my freedom, you can't take away my house. And a legal immigrant such as myself can sue if you burn it. Neener neener. :D)

Finally, something new- I am eagerly awaiting the near future. These next few months will be special for many people; Raoki, Chloe, Caelya, others whom I know, others whom I do not… every day is wonderful, and I learn to appreciate that a bit more with each minute that passes. After all, as you've read this, someone's been born, someone's died, someone's fulfilled their deepest desires and most cherished dreams, someone's learned what those desires and dreams are. Someone's eaten, drunk and taken the medications that they need to live, and someone's just realized that they can live without them. Someone's fallen, and someone's stood up.

Everyone's life is constantly changing, for better or worse, and as we twirl our way through space on our respective planets, with no discernible purposes aside from those we've created ourselves, we could make a choice to turn our whole world upside down.

I wonder what choices you've made today?

  • Listening to: One Step Ahead by Split Enz.
  • Reading: "Neener neener," and regretting it in advance.
  • Watching: Telsii's cat- Mimzi? Mouse? Myrtle?- sleeping.
  • Eating: Some cheese I found in the icebox.
  • Drinking: Hoping for blood later, but no promises. ^^


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I don't check back often, and I never post art. You may as well give up on me now. ^^

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Jordan171998 6 days ago  Student Writer
Yo. *waves hand*
castfromgrace 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Good evening, Jordan.
Jordan171998 3 days ago  Student Writer
Good evening? How are you?
castfromgrace 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have had better evenings.
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Jordan171998 1 day ago  Student Writer
*Realizes I had put a question mark instead of a exclamation point after "evening"* Well, oops. ^^;
Jordan171998 Mar 24, 2014  Student Writer
*looks at your ID* I shall not give up on you. :3
thx for the fave
castfromgrace Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're quite welcome. ^^
Jordan171998 Feb 26, 2014  Student Writer
Hi Dusk, how are you doing?
castfromgrace Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Life has been fatiguing for me, but I've pressed along nonetheless. ^^ And yourself?
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